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Download Hero Elementary S01 E02 Mp4

Download Hero Elementary S01 E01 Mp4

Download Hero Elementary S01 E02 Mp4

Hero Elementary is a school for budding superheroes, where kids learn to master their innate powers, like flying and teleportation, while exploring science along the way.

The launching series will give children ages 4 to 7 important tools to help them solve problems by encouraging them to think and act like scientists, igniting their natural curiosity. The series also showcases character and social-emotional concepts such as kindness, empathy, and commitment to working together to solve problems.

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The stories center around a diverse group of super students, led by their quirky and enthusiastic teacher, Mr. Sparks. The team works together to help people, solve problems, and try to make the world a better place. When their imperfect powers aren’t up to the task, they look to their other powers – the superpowers of science – to help them investigate, observe, make predictions, and figure out a solution.

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