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Pure Japanese (2022) (Japanese) Full Movie Mp4 Download

Pure Japanese (2022) (Japanese) Full Movie Mp4 Download

Pure Japanese (2022) (Japanese) Movie Download

Pure Japanese (2022) (Japanese) Full Movie Mp4 Download

Action actor Tateishi Daisuke who struggles with loneliness after suffering a traumatic experience due to an accident during filming. One day, he comes across a senior high school girl Ayumi who is being harassed consistently by Chinese brokers and the local yakuza.

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He decides to protect her from them. However, after this incident, he comes to develop a mindset of seeing violence as a way to gain the affirmation and approval of others thus gradually loses himself and behaves in an extreme manner.

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Genre: Action, Drama
Directed by: Daishi Matsunaga
Starring: Male Lead, Accident, Loneliness, Trauma, Violence, Gore

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Resolution: 1920Ă—1040

Release Name: purejapanese20221080pamznweb-dlddp51h264-cbon
Release Date: Jan 28, 2022
Audio: Japanese | AAC | 160 kb/s
Runtime: 1 h 27 min
Subtitles: English


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